Isolationism, nativism, fear and uncertainty have characterized several global events over the past year, including Donald Trump’s recent election to the highest office in the United States and Britain’s exit from the European Union. As the world tries to grapple with these outcomes, The Economist recently pointed to a “happy contrast”: Canada

For business leaders that want their enterprises to grow and thrive, Canada is a stable and liberal society where that can happen. Our country’s policies could be described as carefully open: whether we’re welcoming high numbers of immigrants or pursuing international trade deals, we balance these decisions with measures like an immigration points system, or consultations on free trade.

When it comes to the economy, Canada is known for financial integrity, modest growth, and infrastructure investments. Our financial institutions are well-regulated and government policies tend to be predictable.

While our country faces its share of problems, our liberal values may be helping us to weather this global upheaval better than most.  And that bodes well for Canada’s business families looking to continue to grow and prosper here.

CMG is privileged to support these families.

Read The Economist piece on Canada here.


Sarah Reid is a freelance writer based in Toronto.